ProtectBy Kromet

A revolutionary shield of pure antimicrobial silver that will set your products apart, anywhere people come together.

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Applied during the finishing stage, Pure Protect is durable, will not experience discolouration or fading over time, and doesn’t require re-application.

Constant cleaning

Pure Protect continuously and effortlessly generates antimicrobial Ag+ ions that effectively render 99.9% of germs harmless after only 12 hours.

Stringently safe

By utilizing large, highly porous microparticles, Pure Protect ensures the highest degree of safety for both humans and our environment.

Ionic Armor

Pure Protect is composed of elemental silver which effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria by breaking down the proteins, enzymes and DNA integral to their reproduction.

Certified effective

With over 10 years in research and development by BioGate working along side the esteemed Fraunhofer Institute and the University of Erlangen, Pure Protect is manufactured and substantiated to the strictest standards, including:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485 (medical devices)
  • Biocidal Product Directive (EU)
  • REACH pre-registered
  • FDA Masterfile
  • EPA (USA)
  • NPA

Reinforce your products.
Reinforce your business.

Ensure the only thing growing is your market share.

Adding an anti-bacterial shield to your products is a competitive advantage that can help achieve higher margins. Being the first in your field to adopt Pure Protect is a strong indicator of both your organizations innovation and industry leadership, but most importantly; caring for your customers.

If you sell it, we can safeguard it.

As Pure Protect’s unique formulation can be applied to virtually any product or surface you can think of, we welcome any idea you can conceive, and look forward to making it work.

Purify. Diversify. Amplify.

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